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Dell Partner Benefits

Dell Partner Benefits
Dell Partner Benefits

Dell Partner Direct Programme

Since the commencement of the Dell Partner programme, your acknowledgment, and experience has served as the basis of molding its future. Through the help of Dell Partner Support, the programme gives its clients’ clarity, flexibility, and alternatives speeding their period of time to gain profit by selling point solutions via one programme to one vendor. Whether it is you are trading hardware, software, or a collection of incorporated solutions you have a variety of ways and opportunities to gain profit. 


We understand your issues. Whether it’s with your internal team, who can’t get out of the weeds long enough for real project work, or with your current managed service provider (MSP), who’s not making your life easier. We get it, and we have answers.

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There are more technology misses with your current infrastructure than wins, and your downtime to uptime ratio is no longer healthy.



You open a case, and it goes into a black hole. No one’s following up and you have no idea of progress (if any).



You’ve outgrown your IT service provider. The level of service has dropped off and they’re no longer feeding you forward-thinking guidance.

How do I become an authorized Dell reseller?

For you to become an authorized dell seller you will need to asses a suitable partner program manual in accordance with your business capacities and needs. Next is to fill out a partner application. Once this is done a team of dell professionals will review your application. Ensure that you name your sponsor distributor which you already have a perfect working relationship for authorization. Your sponsor distributor might be sent your application for consent. Your membership application totally depends on their approval. Once your sponsoring distributor consents, your application will be processed completely, and later on you will receive your login certifications and permitted to access the Dell Technologies Partner Portal.
What is a Dell EMC Partner?

Dell EMC partner is a multinational medium partner strategy that provides its authorized partners with marketing resources, sales, and advancements in businesses. 


Is Isilon block storage

Isilon is block-based storage and OneFs that allows its customers to store block details on the Isilion cluster through the use of Internet Small Computer Interface Protocol. With this module, you will be able to design block storage for;-

Linux systems,   VMware &  Windows. 

You can have increased sales through partnering with Dell’s direct program by selling their products based on your level of expertise.

Office 365 migration
What is Dell CSG?

They are services offered by Dell to their prospects in sales and marketing, channeling, and developing strategies for managing a completely outsourced campaign. Through these services, Dell will work seamlessly with the team of professionals already in place to develop a productive engine to push your ambitions forward.








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Through the Dell Partner Portal, you can manage your account and order one-stop digitally. The more you invest the more rewards you get. Some of the benefits you can get entail

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Flexible partner
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Client financing programmes

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Easy registration alternatives

Eye on Glass

Access to prebuilt client-ready solutions

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Low-cost training. 

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Product information through the partner direct portal

Increase Productivity

Customer evaluation

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Permit to CPRD

Cloud Migrations

Case study collaborations

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Permit to Dell generated leads


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Our constant evaluation of state-of-the-art tools, platforms and partners ensures seamless service, while keeping you ahead of the curve.

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We apply a bottom-up, risk-based approach when designing our solutions so you get cybersecurity best practices built into our infrastructure services.



We invest in platforms that allow you to see what we see. It’s nice to know you can check up on your MSP if and when you feel the need.


How do I partner with Dell?

For you to be a Dell partner you will be required to complete Dell Partner Levels in a variety of expertise for you to be recognized and termed as a professional in key Dell offerings. Some of these requirements that need to be completed comprise of;- 

  • Dell Registered Partner Requirements, plus.
  • Revenue Requirements. 

The Revenue Requirements further breaks down to;-

  • Hardware Competency revenue requirement.
  • Software Competency revenue requirement. 

For members who illustrate a high level of dedication to their prospects and Dell solutions are recognized by a different dell level for their accomplishment and expertise by upgrading to the premier partner status that requires you to vend specifically hardware, a mixture of hardware and software or software only.


Our Partners

Data Collaboration Services holds partnerships with trusted names the Cloud & Big Data Industry

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