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Any server connected to the internet is at risk of getting attacked by hackers.

SMB IT leaders have even more reason to be concerned. That’s because SMBs are the favorite target of cybercriminals, representing 60% of all cyberattacks, according to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

SMBs, SMEs, and Startups become a very easy target for novice hackers which leads to the loss of Their Company Reputation.

The important aspects that make up Cyber Security and what all DCS has to offer:

important aspects

Security Operations Centre (SOC): A security operations center (SOC) is a centralized unit that deals with security issues on an organizational and technical level. It comprises the three building blocks people, processes, and technology for managing and enhancing an organization’s security posture.

DCS Offers your Organisation a dedicated SOC Team with a combination of People, Process and Technology.

Our SOC Team covers the following aspects:

  1. Proactive Designs and Configurations.
  2. Ongoing monitoring of System State.
  3. Detection of unintended actions or undesirable state.
  4. Minimizing Damage from unwanted effects.
  5. Incident Detection and Response.
  6. Threat/Vulnerability Scanning and Management.
  7. Continuous Monitoring of your IT Infra

Penetration Testing

DCS offers to you highly skilled Penetration Testers to do everything they can to identify and exploit the risk. Tested systems may be damaged or become unresponsive during the Penetration Testing assessment. Hence, Penetration Testing is performed only after careful consideration, notification, and planning.

Penetration Testing

Different Penetration Testing approaches that DCS supports:

  • A) White Box Testing
  • B) Black Box Testing
  • C) Gray Box Testing.

What we have to Offer:

  1. Web Application Penetration Testing – OWASP Testing Guide version 4, which is a superset of OWASP TOP10.
  2. Infrastructure Penetration Testing – “NIST SP 800-115, Technical Guide to Information Security Testing and Assessment” and “Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES)”
Endpoint Detection and Response

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)​

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR): Endpoint detection and response (EDR), also known as endpoint threat detection and response (ETDR), is a cyber technology that continually monitors and responds to mitigate cyber threats.

DCS offers you complete Endpoint Detection and Response using the right tools specific to your Industry.

DCS covers the following in terms of EDR:

  1. Aggregation of endpoint data.
  2. Malware analysis.
  3. Behavioral analysis – the ability to connect a chain of seemingly benign events to uncover suspicious behavior.
  4. Data correlation/enrichment.
  5. Correlation of related alerts into incidents.
  6. Prioritization based on the confidence and severity of incidents.
  7. Investigation tools that provide an alert management workflow, integrated with ticketing systems to enable incidents to be assigned, transferred, annotated, and resolved.



Do I Implement Cyber Security for SMB?

Is that even a question! Anywhere anytime your SMB organization is exposed to Internet Cyber Security is a Necessity. DCS for SMB, DCS for Cyber Security is the Answer!

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