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Why Penetration Testing is Important For Your SMB?

Why Penetration Testing is Important?

Computer systems hackers are equally becoming educated and sophisticated like Software coders when it comes to breaking into the security of the systems. Behind this statement, there are no intentions to praise these unethical elements of the society but cybersecurity can’t be taken for granted. One of the important tools suggested by the IT consulting services providers is penetration testing to defend business owner’s information infrastructure and access to crucial data.

You need to hire an experienced and certified penetration tester who can think and work like hacker while breaking into your computer systems. These experts apply similar techniques which a hacker can imagine to use, like viruses, password cracking, or social engineering to enter into the system. They update the users about the mandatory changes require to be protected against real attacks.

Here are a few reasons which can convince you why you need to invest your time and money on understanding the importance of penetration testing and conducting it:-

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The essential reason behind penetration testing being a crucial part of Managed IT Services is because it puts your Cybersecurity through the same stressful situation which a real hacker will do. This testing highlights the weaknesses of your system, you can learn about the real errors and consequences, and can actually prevent your data and money from any future attack.

Especially small businesses must not assume that simply installing anti-virus software or a firewall can prevent their business from becoming a target of hackers. The data thieves do not discriminate between the small or big-size firm and thus it becomes important to invest in such testing for your future security and for providing right training to your staff against such threats. Such training enables security personnel to respond to any attack more rapidly and in the best possible manner.

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Get a second opinion: – It’s good if you have employed exceptionally brilliant staff for taking care of your business cybersecurity but a second opinion from a reputed and an experienced IT Consulting Services provider won’t hurt. Getting an outside perspective ill only enhances the knowledge of the in-house IT personnel and they can work on ore possibilities of bringing out the weakness of the existing cybersecurity before a hacker does. You must remember that a simulated attack is far better than a real one.

Avoid overlooking serious defects and technical issues just by assuming that your cybersecurity can stand against all odds. Penetration Testing can exactly stimulate what your systems might have to face in a real scenario.
Especially if you are doing business within the EU or with its citizens, GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation clearly states that if any firm loses data due to inefficient cybersecurity, huge penalties may occur. An outside entity offers a view that is lacking internal preferences.

Testing new: – Conducting Pen-Testing on new technologies before they enter into production stage brings out the vulnerabilities. Before the app goes live, it helps in saving time and money and launching a completely bug-free product. An attacker not only hampers the revenue of the organization but also results in the loss of the goodwill of the firm.

Testing a new product at its very early stage can help you to make important decisions about whether to launch it or not on the announced date and will it be safe for end-users.

Business owners must realize that penetration testing can save money in the long-run. Whenever any hacking attempt happens, you not only suffer financially but also lose your consumers trust. Investing at the right time in penetration testing can prevent you from future costly expenses of breach and government fines.

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