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What is Security Operations Centre (SOC)?

A security operations center (SOC) is a centralized unit that deals with security issues on an organizational and technical level. It comprises the three building blocks people, processes, and technology for managing and enhancing an organization’s security posture.

There is a pressing need for skilled SOC analysts who can serve as front-line defenders, warning other professionals about emerging and existing cyber threats.

The incorporation of a SOC in the company’s existing framework is gaining ground across various industries around the world, including the public sector, healthcare, BFSI, education system, and retail sectors. Apart from them, businesses that are data-related are also making use of a SOC to deal with potential threats.

Why Organizations need SOC and Cyber Security:

What is Security Operations Centre (SOC)?

Organizations need effective and efficient coordination from the SOC because the threats attacking their environments are relentless. By some estimates:

Cyberattacks triggered over 7,000 breaches in 2019, exposing 15.1 billion records

The average cost of a data breach is now $3.92M

It takes an average of 279 days to identify and contain a breach.

86% of organizations rate the SOC as anywhere from important to essential to their cybersecurity strategy

Now that we all know the importance of a qualified SOC let’s make this a practice to eliminate Cyber attacks. The Prime goal of DCS’s SOC Team is to keep up with reporting and communication with the business to keep everyone informed of the risk. The trend data from SOC monitoring and response activities can help shape future security road maps, streamline compliance reporting, and help the business better calculate financial risk from cyber threats. DCS offers the best of SOC Teams who are always jacked up with the recent technological trends and help your Organization keep the Cyberattacks at bay. Get a Specially designed dedicated SOC team right after the Free IT Security Assessment of your organization based on the Cyber Security voids we need to target.

Services Provided by Security Operations Centers :

The most commonly offered SOC services include security monitoring and management and incident response.
Security Monitoring and Management

Security monitoring and management aim to monitor and analyze the day-to-day security events for an organization.

A good security operations center provides 24/7 monitoring to protect the network. This type of monitoring combines the right tools with expert analysts to deliver the service.

Although automated systems filter and flag the most important security events, having an educated staff is still important. SOC staff should be able to identify threats, analyze behaviors, and manage solutions.

SOC monitoring and management includes the operation of security tools such as SIEM, firewalls and others. Updating these tools is required to minimize vulnerabilities. A SOC service augments your team to help cover the work.

Incident Response

Ideally, the transition between monitoring security events and dealing with alerts should be seamless. When an incident occurs, dealing with it as soon as possible is vital. It’s necessary to mitigate any damage so operations can quickly return to normal. Acting fast saves time, money, and reputation. Even if a breach is only suspected, it still needs attention.

A good security incident plan is necessary for an effective response. This plan outlines the steps needed to solve a security incident. A security incident response plan should include which assets to protect and which staff members are responsible for tasks. A good plan should get updated with each incident.

Best practices for running a Security Operations Centre (SOC) :

Many security leaders are shifting their focus more on the human element than the technology element to “assess and mitigate threats directly rather than rely on a script.” SOC operatives continuously manage known and existing threats while working to identify emerging risks. They also meet the company and customer’s needs and work within their risk tolerance level. While technology systems such as firewalls or IPS may prevent basic attacks, human analysis is required to put major incidents to rest.

For best results, the SOC must keep up with the latest threat intelligence and leverage this information to improve internal detection and defense mechanisms. As the InfoSec Institute points out, the SOC consumes data from within the organization and correlates it with information from a number of external sources that deliver insight into threats and vulnerabilities. This external cyber intelligence includes news feeds, signature updates, incident reports, threat briefs, and vulnerability alerts that aid the SOC in keeping up with evolving cyber threats. SOC staff must constantly feed threat intelligence into SOC monitoring tools to keep up to date with threats, and the SOC must have processes in place to discriminate between real threats and non-threats.

Truly successful SOCs utilize security automation to become effective and efficient. By combining highly skilled security analysts with security automation, organizations increase their analytics power to enhance security measures and better defend against data breaches and cyber-attacks. Many organizations that don’t have the in-house resources to accomplish this turn to managed security service providers that offer SOC services.


Benefits of SOC :

  • Proactive detection​
  • Threat awareness​
  • Vulnerability management​
  • Log management​
  • Root cause analysis​
  • Better collaboration​
  • Cost reduction

DCS New Jersey USA is into IT for the past 2 Decades being an SMB our self we understand the financial perks of SMBs. DCS offers Free Security IT Assessment from our Cyber Security Expert Team so that you have a complete analysis of your IT environment and act accordingly. Regular Risk Assessment sessions and continuous Health Monitoring will be a part of our Cyber Security Services so that we make sure we are 5 steps ahead of the Hackers.

As a part of DCS’s Cyber Security Services we offer :

  • 24*7 Security Monitoring.
  • Security Device Management
  • Onsite+Remote SOC
  • Penetration Testing as a Service
  • Endpoint Detection and Response
  • Email Security
  • Vulnerability Management
  • User Security Training and Awareness
  • Security Control Assessments.

Any custom Cyber Security Services based on demand can always be catered to you by DCS New Jersey USA.

WHY CHOOSE IT Consulting Firm?

DCS guarantees a one hour or less response time for emergencies. DCS has excellent remote and onsite support services which allows us to assist you and resolve your issues immediately without having to wait for a technician to arrive. DCS has been servicing the New Jersey and New York area for over 10 years. All DCS staff are experienced and vendor certified engineers that are provided with training to ensure that they are up to speed with the latest technologies. Our industry-based solutions are evaluated to meet to ensure that they provide the best benefit for your business. What makes us a reliable name in the industry is our proven track record, ability to work with the latest technologies and eagerness to deliver innovative solutions without a fail.

Get in touch with us & learn how industry-driven Business IT Solutions can benefit you & increase your ROI. Call us or request a free IT assessment & consultation.

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