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Features and working model of Microsoft Azure Security.


When it comes to your cloud data and workloads, security is the primary concern of most enterprises. Azure  refers to security tools and capabilities present in the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. With Microsoft Azure service, the azure cloud in usa has redefined how companies manage security with multi-level built-in security controls and unique threat intelligence with more vigilance. Being one of the leading cloud service providers, it has a myriad of services and tools that use physical, infrastructure and operational controls to help secure Microsoft Azure. It safeguards both applications generated in the cloud and the ones that are migrated from on-premises.

What is Azure Security? Features and working model of Microsoft Azure Security.

Azure platform

Azure is a cloud service platform that supports several programming languages (Python, JavaScript, .NET, PHP, Java, and Node.js. etc.), operating systems, tools, frameworks, tools, databases, and devices used by millions of IT professionals and web developers.

When you build on or migrate on-premise applications to a public cloud service provider, you are relying on it for its security to protect your application and data. Security involves managing the access of users using the organization’s applications, portals, and platforms. The azure directory manages the users’ database securely and helps you create and manage users and their rights.

Azure infrastructure provides a trustworthy platform where enterprises can achieve their desired security needs. Moreover, it provides a wide area of configurable security options which companies can customize to meet their security needs.

Azure security center

The Azure center is a consolidated management solution that helps enterprises protect their workloads against various attacks by helping them adapt security controls to the threat landscape. The Azure s center is a consolidated security management solution that helps enterprises protect their workloads against various types of

attacks by helping them adapt security controls to the threat landscape.

Azure services are automatically integrated with the security center and monitor your system against given security criteria. It further provides actionable recommendations based on the constant evaluation of the azure environment to identify security gaps present in the system.

Azure service Center gives complete threat protection by giving end to end visibility into attack units using cyber kill chain analysis. Moreover, organisations can use Microsoft defender for the endpoint to protect their Azure servers providing advanced breach detection sensors.


Working model of Microsoft Azure Service

Microsoft Azure infrastructure works on a shared responsibility structure between Azure and the organisation. Except for on-premise applications where the entire responsibility is on the organisation. When

an on-premise application is moved into the cloud some security responsibilities are transferred.

There is a difference of responsibilities based on different cloud models-

  • For Infrastructure as a service (IaaS), azure controls the physical security of the network, hosts, and data center.
  • For Platform as a service (PaaS), network control, applications and identity and directory base is shared between Azure and organisation, whereas Azure is responsible for physical security and operating system.
  • For Software as a service (SaaS), most of the responsibilities such as network control, physical security, operating system, and application is controlled by Azure; it still shares the directory base and identity with the organisation.

In conclusion, Azure secures the physical foundation, and the other responsibilities are then handled by organisations depending on their cloud model. Organisations have more responsibilities when it comes to IaaS than in comparison to PaaS or SaaS. Regardless of whether it is an on-premise application, IaaS, PaaS, or SaaS organisations are responsible for data governance, account and access management, right management, and endpoint protection.


Features of Azure Security Center –

  • One of the best features of Azure service Center is a policy configuration that allows admins to set security-related controls for a particular Azure subscription or resource group that includes virtual machines, database, storage, virtual network, etc. 
  • Azure Center collects the information about Azure resources to make sure policies are implemented. It also facilitates the daily scanning of virtual machines to check for any potential security threat. 
  • Azure S Center gives the list of recommendations for creating Azure policies depending on the security required of your particular azure service. 
  • Azure notifies an alert against potential security threats when compromised virtual machines and malware are detected. Azure service Center collects and integrates data about its resources to generate alerts. 

Azure Security Features

Azure service center can also be integrated with Power BI, Microsoft’s business intelligence cloud service for data analysis and visualization.



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