Data Backup & Recovery New York


​DCS can save small companies to large corporations from complete loss of data and failure through cost-effective data recovery solutions. With us, companies do not have to go out of business due to the inaccessibility of data.


Is your company prepared for a major disaster? How long would it take you to get back up and running? What would you do if you couldn’t recovery data that was pertinent to your business? Most companies do not think about this until it’s too late but you do not have to be one of them. DCS can show you how your business can continue to function without interruption after a disaster. DCS will ensure that you have business continuity using a comprehensive end to end solution that will include scanning your data, backups, cluster, cloud and online redundant replicated systems with validation to ensure that your data is always available.

Not only does our Backup and Disaster Recovery Services store your data in offsite locations, we also validate the data while it is at rest and in transit via the latest security software. Our goal is to ensure that you have continuity of business, not matter what.

How can our Backup and Disaster Recovery Services be helpful?

  • Restoration of the key data is possible within minutes and you can restore files and versions without any guesswork.
  • The backup and files restoration solution can be administered remotely
  • Scheduling backups does not rely on your location.
  • Increased security and control of your key data with policy-based management of data retention and deletion.
  • IT staff productivity increases with our solutions by saving hours of time that would be spent recovering data.

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Data Collaboration Services holds partnerships with trusted names the Cloud & Big Data Industry

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