Managed Detection and Response in New York

To maintain the security of your IT systems, it’s best to have managed detection and response (MDR) behind your operations. These services help proactively identify and mitigate threats with the appropriate response. If you need managed detection and response in New York, contact the experts at Data Collaboration Services. 

We’ll provide you with a response plan tailored to your company’s needs, regardless of the scope of your IT infrastructure.

Detect and Eliminate Threats Before They Compromise Your Operations

Based on what you specifically need for your IT systems, we offer a few different solutions through our MDR services in New York.

Network Intrusion

No network is entirely safe from hackers and other threats. Without proper protection, the servers on your network are susceptible to hacking attempts and data compromises. These intrusions could result in lost or stolen data and put your company’s reputation in jeopardy. 

To prevent this, we work to secure your network from top to bottom and mitigate the risk of hacking attempts.

Unauthorized Cloud Access

The biggest threat to cloud security today is unauthorized access. Many organizations suffer because of inadequate access control and the misuse of login credentials by employees or other parties. This threat is particularly important to minimize as companies often store many applications and large quantities of critical data in the cloud. 

In an effort to maximize cloud security for our clients, we provide top-tier cloud security solutions that protect all login credentials and help with access management. You won’t need to worry about your cloud systems falling into the wrong hands with our services behind your organization.

Endpoint Monitoring

As we work to identify and eliminate any threats to your IT systems, we’ll engage in endpoint monitoring that tracks all activities at every network endpoint. This entails looking for any suspicious behaviors at all points in your network. As soon as we identify a potential threat based on abnormal behavior within the network, we’ll remove it. 

We achieve this using our endpoint detection and response (EDR) solution to continually monitor systems and address any threats that appear. This solution is also referred to as endpoint threat detection and response (ETDR). We use the latest industry tools to facilitate EDR/ETDR based on your system’s unique requirements.

Get Reliable New York Managed Detection and Response Solutions from DCS

Depending on the scope of your operations and the nature of your network, we’ll help implement effective security solutions that truly work for you. You’ll benefit from managed detection and response in New York that helps protect your network, cloud systems, and all endpoints using state-of-the-art security tools to get the job done.

Regardless of the level of threats you face or the extent of your network, we’ll develop a solution that’s specially designed for your organization. We also offer much more than MDR in New York for our clients to give your IT systems everything they need to remain consistently efficient and secure.

In addition to managed detection and response in New York, we offer a host of services including managed IT services for small- to medium-sized businesses, cloud solutions, data backup and recovery, mobile and network management, infrastructure management, and threat and penetration testing.

Want to find out more about what we can do for your business? Reach out to us today to speak with one of our experts about a custom IT solution for your organization. With the help of our solutions behind your operations, you’ll experience peace of mind and remain compliant with the latest rules and regulations around cyber security.

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