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Major Cyber Breaches of 21st Century. CIA Triad of Cyber Security.

Cyber Security takes all day, Everyday. Secure your clicks. Secure your business reputation. It’s your Security, so

take Control.

Biggest data breaches of 21stcentury.

ZYNGNA – 218 million user accounts breached

Passwords, phone numbers, email addresses STOLEN.

Marriott International– 500 million customers

Contact info, passport numbers, personal info and travel info breached

Equifax – 147.9 million consumers

One of the largest credit bureaus in USA.


What is Cyber Security?

The process of protecting information by preventing, detecting and responding to attacks.


Cyber Goals

 The objective of cybersecurity is to protect information from being stolen, compromised or attacked against the ever-growing cyber-attacks.

The three basic goals of Cybersecurity can be

Protect the confidentiality of data

Preserve the integrity of data

Promote the availability of data for authorized users


CIA Triad

CIA Triad is a benchmark model in information security designed to govern and evaluate how an organization handles data when it is stored, transmitted or processed.

Each attribute of the triad represent a critical component of information security.


Major Cyber Breaches of 21st Century. CIA Triad of Cyber Security.



Access control, Authentication, Authorization ad physical security of IT assets and resources.

Confidentiality basically refers to Privacy which means, protection from unauthorized discloser of information.

Example: Only authorized payroll team should have access to the Payroll    database for employees.

To ensure Confidentiality we can implement Encryption of data



Integrity is about ensuring that data has not been tampered with and therefore it can be trusted.

Example: Email from Alice to Bob has not been modified during transit.

Countermeasures that protect data integrity include encryption, hashing, digital signatures, digital certificates, IDS, strong authentication mechanisms, auditing and access controls.



Integrity goes hand in hand with the concept of Non-Repudiation.

It basically means the inability to deny something

Example: Using a shared admin account means that when a change goes bad, “nobody” is responsible.

The key here is to track changes in device configurations, access and events.



Quite simply, availability means that networks, systems and applications are up and running.

It ensures that authorized users have timely, reliable access to resources when they are needed.

To ensure availability, Use preventive measures such as redundancy, systems are up to date with patches, disaster recovery plans and denial of service protection solutions.


Cyber attacks are like natural disasters. There’s no way to prevent a hurricane from hitting your city, but you can certainly prepare for it.
DCS New Jersey USA is a complete IT Managed Services company based out of New Jersey USA with the best of In-House Engineers for Cyber Security. Now again, Cyber Security is very vast and has various technologies and tools Don’t Be Fooled and proceed with something which is not a value add and is not your Company specific. In this manner you settle for less and are left with limited options and end up paying extra bugs for Minimum resources.
We understand SMBs, SMEs and Startups have limited resources to spend into IT Security and Cyber Security can cost you fortunes for minimal resources in the United States.
DCS New Jersey USA is into IT from the past 2 Decades being an SMB our self we understand the financial perks of SMBs. DCS offers Free Security IT Assessment from our Cyber Security Expert Team so that you have a complete analysis of your IT environment and act accordingly. Regular Risk Assessment sessions and continuous Health Monitoring will be a part of our Cyber Security Services so that we make sure we are 5 steps ahead of the Hackers.
Do I Implement Cyber Security for my SMB? Is that even a question! Anywhere anytime your SMB organization is exposed to Internet Cyber Security is a Necessity. DCS for SMB, DCS for Cyber Security is the Answer!


WHY CHOOSE IT Consulting Firm?

DCS guarantees a one hour or less response time for emergencies. DCS has excellent remote and onsite support services which allows us to assist you and resolve your issues immediately without having to wait for a technician to arrive. DCS has been servicing the New Jersey and New York area for over 10 years. All DCS staff are experienced and vendor certified engineers that are provided with training to ensure that they are up to speed with the latest technologies. Our industry-based solutions are evaluated to meet to ensure that they provide the best benefit for your business. What makes us a reliable name in the industry is our proven track record, ability to work with the latest technologies and eagerness to deliver innovative solutions without a fail.

Get in touch with us & learn how industry-driven Business IT Solutions can benefit you & increase your ROI. Call us or request a free IT assessment & consultation.

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