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DCS will Guide You between Android and iOS!

DCS will Guide You between Android and iOS!

Do you feel confused between Android and iOS platform when it comes to Mobile App Development New York? Android does hold the largest percentage of the market share but one can also not overlook the monetization prospects offered by Apple’s iOS platform.

Which mobile app development platform is best is the most common question asked by the clients and the simple answer would be that both are good but both have their own pros and cons which need to be considered as per client project requirements and budget.

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Here are some essential differences guided by the experts of a reputed IT Consulting Services in New York, Data Collaboration Services:-

  • If one considers technical aspects, the complexities of development and the time involved are more in Android than iOS since there are quite a number of devices and smart phones exist in the market with varying operating systems, screen sizes, and aspect ratios in the case of an Android platform.
  • Android is an open-source app development platform as compared to closed (with open-source components) iOS platform and supports 100+languages (iOS platform supports 34 languages). The primary call messaging app for android is Google Hangouts while for Apple is Facetime and iMessage (work only with other iPhone devices).
  • Both platforms require different programming language specialists to be hired by clients. Android apps need Kotlin or Java coders whereas iOS apps require Swift or Objective C for native development. This can definitely impact the development cost.
  • Normally the development cost is high in case of an Android due to the long development time involved but The Android Studio can be installed on the standard PC. Whereas, iOS app is build using Xcode which needs investment in Mac and iPhone or iPad which increases cost significantly.
  • By investing a fee of $25 only once, Android apps can be easily published on the Google Play Store and once published, beta testing and other updates can be performed quite easily. But every iOS app publishing, updates, and modifications take a long time to clear stringent approval process of an Apple store.
  • Mobile App Development in New York also lays out differences between the pros and cons of these platforms. The end- users enjoy more choice in terms of devices in Android and Apple offer a distinct advantage for tablet apps.
  • Controls on app access to user’s data are not as strict on Android as it is on iOS platform and therefore data privacy is an issue on Android. Chances of malware and data harm are more in Android since it allows the installation of third-party apps. The Nexus users enjoy the Android software patches or updates at the earliest when compared to other Android devices manufacturers who take time in launching updates.
  • In terms of enhanced user-experience Android may not be at par with Apple but definitely offers better AR and VR.
  • Customization is tough on iOS but on Android, you can also access the boot loader since Android customization is based on Linux kernel (operates on open source). Users can avail lots of free apps which increases the choice for them.
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In terms of market share of units sold(Android sold 1.3 billion units in 2017 and Apple 217.72 million iOS in 2018 ) and share of apps,(2.6 million apps on Google Play Store as compared to 2 million apps on Apple store), Android is a leading platform over iOS. Average mobile app revenue per user completely depends on the type of app on these platforms. Now you decide between a platform with the far-reaching ability and a platform with lucrative earnings.

So stop waiting and approach top-notch innovative technology solutions provider, Data Collaboration Services for all your mobile apps designing requirements and IT Consulting Services New York.

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