Cyber Security in New York

Businesses of all types and sizes face various cyber security threats. To help keep your systems consistently safe and secure from these threats, we provide custom cyber security solutions in New York for our clients. Regardless of your security needs, we can meet them with tailored solutions here at Data Collaboration Services.

Custom Cyber Security Solutions in New York

All IT systems are vulnerable to cyber security threats to some extent. However, the biggest threats are to small businesses that cybercriminals tend to favor over larger and more well-established companies. One of the reasons for this targeting is the general lack of effective security measures, but we can mitigate these threats by giving your company the proper protection it needs to hold up against all types of threats. 

Based on the individual requirements of each of our customers, we offer multiple cyber security solutions in New York.

Secure Cloud Storage

We understand the importance of reliably secure cloud storage to maintain all data and applications you store on these systems. This is why we provide several solutions to secure your cloud storage, including storage data encryption, which uses key-based data encryption.

As a result, all data you store in the cloud will remain consistently safe and protected from prying eyes. Encryption remains one of the best ways to prevent security threats from compromising data in cloud storage.

Secure Cloud Platform

In addition to securing cloud storage with encryption, we help secure cloud platforms with the proper measures based on our clients’ needs. 

One way we help secure cloud platforms is through identity and access management. This solution helps ensure that only people with proper authorization can gain access to your cloud platform. You’ll be able to protect all employee credentials and prevent the misuse and abuse of data. 

In addition, we can help set up a virtual private network (VPN) that further keeps your cloud solution secure. A VPN for the cloud works by connecting a virtual private cloud (VPC) network to a peer network using an IPsec VPN connection. This allows for encryption of data between networks before it undergoes decryption from one VPN gateway to another. In turn, you benefit from protected data when transferring it across your networks.

Cloud Applications Security

Securing applications throughout the development lifecycle is also essential. Cloud application security entails protecting data and applications using a variety of controls, processes, and policies. 

These solutions help protect you against various cloud application security threats that might come your way. For instance, you might otherwise be vulnerable to misconfigurations, including misconfigured S3 buckets that could allow public access to ports, accounts, or APIs. Other threats that these solutions can protect against include unsecured APIs, shadow IT, and runtime threats.

Find the Right Cyber Security Solutions in New York With DCS

If you require a dependable cyber security solution for your cloud storage, platform, and applications, turn to the experts at DCS. We’ll work closely with you to determine exactly what you need from us to keep your systems consistently protected and secure. 

To further protect our clients’ IT systems with the ideal solutions, we provide a host of IT services as your go-to solutions provider. In addition to cyber security solutions, we offer cloud solutions, data backup and recovery, managed IT services, mobile and network management, infrastructure management, and penetration testing. Simply speak with one of our experts to find out what your IT systems could use and get started on a custom solution with us today.Want to find out how we can specifically help your business? Contact us today to connect with an expert on our team.

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