Affordable Cyber Security Services in the US.

DCS is driving a Cyber Security campaign to make your organisation compliant to all sort of Cyber Threats.

Here is what we have to offer; Three Months Free trial of proficient Cyber Security services, Free IT assessment with No Upfront Cost. Our Free services include:

Managed SIEM & SOC services.
Managed End point detection and response.
Penetration testing as a service.
Regular IT risk Assessment.
Vulnerability Management
Security Incident and crisis support.
E-mail Security as a service.

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Complete Endpoint Detection and Response using the right tools specific to your Industry.

Identify and exploit the risk supporting both Web Application and Infrastructure Penetration Testing.

Detect Vulnerabilities with Regular IT Risk Assessments.

Build your own SOC Team dedicated to your Organisation with a combination of People, Process and Technology.

You might not be well aware of what SOC/EDR/Penetration Testing/Vulnerability Management is, but the hackers know it and they Hate it that’s why You need it!!!

DCS is Partners with top Cyber Security Vendors