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One of the biggest IT buzz terms of the past few years, ‘cloud computing’ has brought incredible promise to the world of information technology. That is why we have compiled the top 5 reasons why your company should rethink your IT infrastructure and look into the benefits of migrating to the cloud.

1. Guaranteed Uptime

The more a company matures, the less downtime it can tolerate. Traditional IT environments with one-to-one servers can leave businesses vulnerable to potentially devastating periods of downtime. If even a single server goes down, it could take three to five days to procure a new server. If that server is running a primary business system or core application, those three to five days could be catastrophic to a company’s operations, reputation, and bottom line. With cloud computing, companies of every size can affordably implement business continuity and dramatically speed the time to recovery. Many cloud service providers offer uptime guarantees that exceed what most businesses can achieve with an on-site installation.

2. Requires Less-In-House Staff

One of the largest expenses when it comes to IT, is employee wages. Savvy IT people don’t come cheap, and the cost of hiring them can often set you back more than the cost of the actual software and hardware. With cloud computing, there will be no technical emergencies on your end, and if there are at the other – DCS’ staffs will jump right on the case. Of course this type of support isn’t offered for free, but they tend to be a lot less than the costs involved when hiring your own full time in-house staff. Lots of organizations that migrate to the cloud use their skilled IT staff in other valuable areas of the company. This allows efficiency to prevail and your wallet to expand.

3. Cut Down Infrastructure Costs

Businesses, no matter what their type or size, exist to earn money while keeping capital and operational expenses to a minimum. With cloud computing, you can save substantial capital costs with zero in-house server storage and application requirements. The lack of on-premises infrastructure also removes their associated operational costs in the form of power, air conditioning and administration costs. You pay for what is used and disengage whenever you like – there is no invested IT capital to worry about. It’s a common misconception that only large businesses can afford to implement cloud services, when in fact, cloud services are extremely affordable for smaller businesses.

4. Round The Clock Support

Often your IT needs don’t stop at the close of business, so partnering with a cloud computing vendor capable of addressing these needs, no matter the time of day, makes all the difference. By choosing DCS, you’ll never deal with an impersonal call center in order to get support. Whether you need assistance overnight, during the week, or even on the weekend, one of our engineers will be available to resolve your technical issues 24x7x365 via email or phone. Our support staffs are entirely U.S.-based, full-time DCS engineers, who undergo regular training to maintain all relevant certifications, and take the necessary steps to understand your company’s hardware, software, business needs, and personnel. Our engineers are, after all, an extension of your staff!

5. Access Anywhere At Anytime

More than ever before, employees are bringing their own notebooks, smartphone and tablets to work, and expect to access their corporate data from those devices. Today, some companies will even reimburse users for their device or their service costs. Users like bringing their own device because it gives them the flexibility to simultaneously access personal and corporate data.


Employers like it because it has the potential to boost productivity of workers by enabling them to choose when, where, and how they work. It can also help companies lower costs by eliminating the need for the acquisition and set up of full desktop computers at every location. However, it can also pose complex challenges for employers that require predictability, standardization, control, and security. Migrating to a cloud environment can help companies manage risk while embracing the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) movement. Virtual desktops contain all the apps and data users need and they run on every smart phone, tablet, or personal computer.

Migrated to the cloud yet?

Any two of the above benefits would be enough to convince many businesses.


Are you thinking about migrating to Microsoft SQL Server 2016 but want to know its benefits? If so, you have reached the right place! This latest edition of Microsoft’s database server delivers end-to-end data management and business analytics and includes mission-critical intelligence from complex workloads. With each version, Microsoft adds yet another layer to the already-rich feature set.


Here are the top 4 features added to SQL Server 2016:

1. Row Level Security

One native feature that SQL Server has lacked is Row Level Security. This feature has been available in other database offerings for some time now, so it is good to see Microsoft has finally included this. The initial implementation does have some limitations, but Microsoft is sure to improve the feature over time.

2. More CPU

By offering support for up to 24 cores of processing power, you are able to process data quicker and more efficiently. And with intuitive management tools, SQL Server 2016 will help reduce storage cost, simplify networking, and extend security.

3. Stretch Database

The growth of public cloud platforms has also increased the demand for balancing application workloads between on-premise environments and those in the public cloud. The Stretch Database feature provides the best of both worlds, in a sense. For instance, you can now move some parts of your tables to the Azure SQL Database in the cloud. When you query those tables, the query optimizer splits the workload between the local data and the data in the cloud.

4. JSON Support

SQL Server 2016 adds support for one of the most commonly used languages in web applications today: Java Script Object Notation (JSON). As the use of JSON has grown, so to has the support for it in most database servers. To allow for quick movement into tables, Microsoft utilized the same format for JSON as they did for XML support.



Most consumers believe the MacBook is overpriced. It is true that there are laptops on the market for half the cost of the cheapest MacBook. And yes, there are laptops with better specs than the MacBook Pro. But Apple started using Intel CPU’s, and prices have dropped. And the MacOS development has created an immersive user interface that is simple on the surface. So why do people still think the MacBook is so expensive? Here are 5 reasons that MacBook owners will often use to justify the price point of the popular laptop.


1.Build Quality

There are a lot of nice ways to customize and personalize any device, but Apple’s stock build design of the MacBook sets the standard for the look and feel of a premium laptop. Although the design has changed slightly over recent years, they’ve still managed to stay ahead of the pack as far as stock design.

2. Ease-of-Use

Apple prides itself on providing user-friendly, straight-forward products. Recent Surveys have shown that Apple’s growth in the business sector can be attributed mainly to its user-friendly interface design. User’s and IT admins alike are welcoming the change stating that Apple products are “just as easy or easier” to use than PC’s. And the fact that Apple has world-class support for all of their products, troubleshooting is almost always a breeze.

3. Longevity

MacBooks are known to hold value longer than PC’s but why? The quality of the hardware and software in a MacBook has been engineered users can update their OS and experience the latest software offerings. Apple’s constant updates to MacOS keeps the user-interface fresh. Some users keep using their MacBook for up to 10 Years.

4.More Secure*

A core topic of the Mac vs Windows debate is security. Most Windows-based machines are used for working with financial and other sensitive business-related data. Mac machines focus on personal use and creating content. Because of the different focuses, hackers concentrate on hacking Windows machines more than Macs. But this is starting to change as malware attackers are beginning to recycle old tricks and develop more advanced ways to target Mac users. We will have to see how Apple counter-acts the new challenges in security it may face.

5.iPhone Intergration

Apple’s iPhone has definitely set the standard mobile devices go. With many iPhone features available on the MacBook and iPad, the amount of iPhone owners using Windows is dropping. And because of the steady growth in sales, MacOS developers have made Continuity a main focus because they work so well together.



Maintaining a working computer is very expensive. The initial cost is high, ranging anywhere from $300 to $1000, and then you have to purchase all the required software such as Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, and additional accessories such as hard drives, mice and webcams. Besides that, there’s the monthly internet bill and the added electricity cost. Plainly, buying and maintaining a computer includes many additional costs. To avoid such situations, you should protect their investment by protecting it with anti-virus software. Here are the top five reasons why:


1. Bundled Protection

While you can get a pretty decent antivirus for free from popular brands nowadays, the software usually only provides a very basic functionality for free. But in order to keep your computer safe, you’ll need to take into account that viruses are not the only way through which a system can be infected and rendered useless. Firewalls, anti-spyware and anti-malware capabilities are equally important. Even phishing activities and safe web browsing is important. It’s best for you to get a a bundle that can take care of all these things
2. Maintain A Speedy Computer
Malware can slow down your machine by running nonessential processes in the background. This can be a frustrating experience, but with an anti-virus application, you can be sure to block this from happening and maintain a speedy computer
3. ‘Smart’ Threats
Long are the days since viruses were easily detected and removed from any system, given a bit of know-how. Nowadays, they’re so well-cloaked, disguised and masked within seemingly harmless files that it would be nearly impossible to detect them without specialized help, like an antivirus or security bundle. And that’s just the viruses! Hacker attacks, malware and spyware have evolved and are still evolving as we speak. Zero-day threats can only be counteracted with a good security suite.

4. Protect Your Personal Data

Today, more and more, our lives exist as fragments on our computer hard-drives; family photos, bank account details, work related material, school papers, passwords, usernames, address books, calendars, music, movies, private documents and the list goes on. All of it could be destroyed irreparably by a worm or virus, or worse still, could fall into the hands of a capable hacker. Quality antivirus and security software not only protects computers from the attacks themselves, but often offers convenient ways to back up important data, should the computer become infected or attacked.
5. Avoid Future Repair Costs
Buying a new computer or operating system can be an expensive investment. Antivirus and security software, on the other hand, is available at relatively affordable prices. Investing in high-quality antivirus and security software is like buying an insurance policy for your computer and your important data.
At Data Collaboration Services, we make sure we stay abreast of internet security developments, and we offer the very latest and most effective anti-virus and Internet security software solutions available. Our skilled technicians will ensure that the anti-virus software is working optimally and that your computer network is constantly monitored. Call us now at 212-739-0617 to speak to one of our consultants!



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